Our volunteers have attended 38 calls in 2017.  In 2016 we attended 130 calls.

 Brigade Management Team


Whittlesea Fire Brigade is managed by a team of elected officers and represent the brigade at all levels.  Officers serve for a nominal period of two years after which their positions come up for re-election at the Brigade's Annual General Meeting. Each officer takes on the responsibilities defined for their role along with some specific additional responsibilities suited to their personal skills and knowledge.


The Brigade's currently elected officers are : 


Rank Name Responsibilities
Captain Jeff Rowden Brigade Leadership & Management
1st Lieutenant Tim Dawkins Operations
2nd Lieutenant Chris Robson Assets & Equipment
3rd Lieutenant Angus Duckmanton Health & Safety
4th Lieutenant Scott Allen Training Officer

5th Lieutenant

& Community Engagement

Richard Gardiner Community Safety
Communications Officer Daniel Bird  
Deputy Communications Officer  Rudi Carli  
Treasurer Rodney Clark  
Secretary Julie Smith  
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